Are You Addicted To Instagram Likes?

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Instagram Likes

Well if your answer is yes, then don’t worry you are not alone. The kitty is quite full. With the ever increasing popularity and its presence in our daily life posting pictures and waiting for likes to increase has become a life routine for millions. The gravity of the situation can be understood by the fact that there is a whole industry which caters to this need and people buy instagram likes and buy instagram followers also, to quench their need of likes.

Social media especially facebook and instagram have entered into the very center of everyone’s life. People are so mesmerized by this virtual life and friends that they need their approval in anything they do, watch, buy, eat or drink. The whole happiness index in these instagram addicted people is depended on the likes they get on their feed. If the number of likes decreases they even get into depression and anxiety.

What Are The Signs That You Are Instagram Addicted?

Instagram Likes


Instagram is pretty addictive to all using it. But some are the worst case scenario and are highly addicted to it. So much that they cannot live a single moment without opening and seeing instagram feed. This can be highly dangerous and can cause some serious social and professional harm. So how can you make out that you have an instagram addiction? Well here are some points and if you possess them, then you are an instagram addict.

  1. When you check you Instagram feed after every few seconds for new updates.
  2. When you get crazy and hyper if the internet connection is lost.
  3. You update your location on instagram everywhere you go, even to the bathroom.
  4. When you’re every daily routine activity are updated in the instagram feed like brushing, bathing eating, drinking etc.
  5. When you use every hashtags available under the sun to your posts. Even invent some weird one yourself.
  6. You create an instagram account for everything that you associate with your dog, cat, goat even your bike has an instagram account.
  7. If someone does not respond to your messages you get irate.
  8. If people don’t like your picture you get suicidal thoughts.
  9. Instagram eats up all your time in life. Your office time, home time, family time and commute time is all about instagram.
  10. You add unknown users to your account just to add up numbers.
  11. You buy instagram followers and buy instagram likes to look popular.
  12. When even in your sleep you want to know the latest updates on instagram.
  13. When you have more friends on instagram than in real life.

These are all but indication that you are a serious instagram addict. This addiction can ruin your professional as well as your personal life. So if you fall in any of these categories. Read the next points and come out of this addiction.

How To Come Out Of This Addiction?

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As it is rightly said that excess of everything is bad. Instagram too is a very impressive and entertaining tool of social media. If used in limit it can be really useful as well as titillating. But if you have the symptoms mentioned in the preceding paragraph then. It is a matter of concern. So if you suffer from this problem then you should follow the below mentioned points for coming out if this addiction.

  1. Limit the time spend on instagram to few minutes to max 1 hour.
  2. Make it a leisure activity not a routine activity.
  3. Talk, interact and hang out with real friends instead of instagram online ones. Make new ones also.
  4. Develop an outdoor game as a hobby.
  5. Don’t buy instagram followers and likes.
  6. Join a gym or a club for social interaction.
  7. Spend time with your family members, your wife, parents, kids and siblings.
  8. Take one day of week completely off the internet.
  9. Meditate, try to learn and do yoga.
  10. Keep the instagram notification option off.
  11. Don’t post a picture on instagram for a while.
  12. Believe in yourself and have faith that you would conquer this addiction.

These are few methods by which you can defeat this addiction and be a new creation. Though like any other addiction this is also a tough one to beat. But like all other addictions this also can be conquered and left behind. Instagram like all other social media platforms is for your entertainment and comfort. It is there to make our lives easier and to make us socially more viable and compactible. But if this confirm becomes a compulsion and rules the daily activities of your life then it becomes a problem. So it is better to don’t fall prey to this social media glitch and smartly use social media for what it is – To be more social.

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