This is the age of social media and Instagram is the front runner in all the populist social media platforms. With the power of 1 billion user to its credit, it sure has a huge potential in terms of business potential. We are seeing a massive shift of advertisers and business, be it big or

Often we hear stories about celebrities and top influencers who buy instagram followers. We always wonder why these already famous and popular people indulge in these dubious activities. But the truth of the matter is that this practice of buying instagram followers is quite prevalent among the instagram stars and the huge money involved make

Whenever we see an instagram account which is not popular or classy yet has thousands of followers, we instantly know something is fishy. Instagram and infact all other social media platforms are filled with these kind of dubious and doubtful account. Well this all can be contributed to the highly controversial business of buy instagram

It is a general notion that Instagram is the world’s favorite social media application. With user count crossing 1 billion this cannot be brushed off as mere speculation. Instagram does have a massive following and people all over the globe seem to be obsessed with this social media poster boy or girl. The concept of

Instagram has over 1 billion subscribers. This makes it one of the most powerful social media platforms in the universe. Which means it attracts money and that too in a big way. ‘Buy instagram followers’ concept is also the result of this huge money making market. When billions of dollars are into play, everyone wants

Instagram has become the life line of millions across the globe. Every day in and day out people are glued to their mobile screens posting their best shot on instagram and then waiting eagerly to see, how many views they have got on their posts? The intensity of the want for a view is increasing

Like some other web-based social networking stage, the opportunity to show your effect on the social media market is through the power of followers. Having a greater amount of them gives you a more prominent say in what you talk in regards to, and also what number of individuals hear you out. For some organizations