How To Gain 10k Instagram Followers In 24 Hours?

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Gain 10k Instagram Followers

Instagram is a gold mine if you have the power of followers with you. If you want really want to earn through instagram, then the best way is by being an Influencer. The benchmark of being a paid influencer is having at least 10k instagram followers. There are many ways to reaching this benchmark. Some do it through organic methods, while some buy instagram followers or buy instagram likes to reach this feat. We would be discussing both the methods as both are legal on Google. So if you really want to gain 10k instagram followers in 24 hours then you have to go through the blog and decide for yourself which methods suits you and your profile and act accordingly.

1. Follow And Follow:

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This is the most efficient option through which you can increase your followers count. Though this method is bit tedious and takes lot of toil and time, but is effective none the less. All you have to do is to go into the followers list of your niche’s most popular influencers or celebrity and follow them. There is a limit to the following and instagram would hold your activity for an hour or so. But you can continue with this activity and increase the followers count. There is a 30-40% chances of the followed people following you back. Then you can un-follow those who don’t follow you back. There are many apps like ‘unfollow’ that assist you in finding the people, who don’t follow you. You can reduce the following count by this and again continue the activity.

2. Promote Your Dedicated Hashtags:

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The other quick solution to increasing the followers count is to promote the posts with your profile or brand specific hashtags on all your social media profiles like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. The more you promote the more the traffic and followers would come to your profile.

3. Comment On Influencers And Celebrities Posts:

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Select the top 10 influencers and celebrities of your niche. Try to be in the first 5 people to comment on their newest posts. Request them to encourage their fans to like your posts. Even if 2 out of five do this. You would get tons of likes and followers in return. Celebrities and influencers have a dedicated fan base which have a loyal affiliation towards their idols. So if you win to get the affection of the star, the affiliation of the fans is automatic.

4. Offer Freebies And Prices On Following:

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This is a cost bearing option yet is very effective. If you give prices to the first 100 people liking your posts. You would get a rush of followers following you for the freebie. So let the followers frenzy take its time and after you got few hundreds of them declare the winner. This way you can easily get thousands of followers for a nominal price. You can also give some coupons as prize which you can easily get from various sites for free.

5. Buy Instagram Followers:

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This is an option through which you can increase the followers count from 1000 or to a whopping 1 million. There are some very legitimate sites like,, and which are providing true and active followers at a very cheap and economical rate. This option has been controversial in the field of Instagram influencers, but the fact is that every major celebrity and influencer is using this option to buy instagram followers and increase the followers count. If you want a quick solution this is the option. Forget about 24 hours you can get the 10k followers mark in few seconds.

6. Buy Instagram Likes:

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This is also like the previous option. In this you can increase the likes count on our posts to any number of your fancy. This is a quick fix to making your profile or brand popular and reachable. Moreover this also provides credibility to your profile and increases your organic followers count too. The likes increase on your posts creates a bandwagon effect. Which creates an urge in the organic users to peek into the profile, just to see what all this fuss is about. In this process your profile gets organic likes and followers.


Getting 10k instagram followers is a truly a herculean task and is not possible for everyone to do it. But if you are determined and focused on getting this magic number then no one can stop you. The points discussed in this blog are a great help in this feat. If followed correctly not only 10k but you can achieve a million in the effort. So if you really are on the path of becoming an instagram star then gaining 10k follower is the first hurdle you need to cross. With determination and grit and by following the options discussed in this blog this seemingly impossible task can also be achieved.

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