How To Get Maximum Likes On Your Instagram Posts?

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How To Get Maximum Likes On Your Instagram Posts

This is the age of social media. Everyone from a 5 year old to a 90 year old is surfing on social media. Instagram is fast replacing facebook as the favorite social media platforms across the globe. People fall back to instagram for almost everything now from advice on fashion, food, travel, fitness, education etc. It has become the ultimate reference point for anyone into social media. Social media has made everyone craving for attention. Everyone wants more and more people liking their posts and pictures, if you run an instagram business then you want to reach out to the maximum audience, and the best way of doing that is by getting maximum likes on your posts.

So the question or rather notion that haunts every instagram enthusiast, influencer and instagram business owner is what can be done to get thousands and millions of likes to their posts and feeds. This blog would guide them through it and would discuss assured and tested ways to get tons of likes:

Find Your Correct Niche:

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Instagram is an ocean of niches. There are audiences for millions of topics and subjects. You name it and they have it. So you have to find your audience and niche to be effective and popular. As if you don’t find your strong hold or correct niche and randomly post, it would be end up in disaster and failure. So it is very important first to find your own niche, the subject or topic in which you feel confident in. secondly research and find out the audience that is interested and active on this similar niche or topic. This gives a targeted approach and hence more accurate and fruitful results.

Create Excellent Bio:

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The first and foremost thing which needs to be done in order to get maximum likes is to create an excellent and amazing bio. The whole crux of the instagram popularity and fame depends upon the bio that you present in your profile. So if you want to get the likes on your feeds and posts, work hard on making the profile attractive and likable. The profile picture should be clear and eye catching, take professional help if possible. The profile content should be descriptive, creative and articulate. If you are influencer, brand or business account then the profile description must reflect your command and contribution in the niche. Your website’s or you tube’s link should be given in the bio.

Post Exquisite Pictures And Videos:

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Instagram is all about photos and videos. It is undoubtedly a visually dominated social media medium. So what captures the people’s attention is the pictures and videos that you post. It is the first connection that makes the impression as to whether the post is good or bad and whether to like the post or not. So if you want your posts and feeds to do well, always post pictures that are of high resolution and high quality. Seeking professional help would be a game changer in this quest.

Use Relevant, Popular And Exclusive Hashtags:

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Hashtags can be the difference between a viral post and a normal post with few likes. Hashtags act as turbo boosters for any post or feed on instagram. Hashtags help a post or feed to reach to a much larger audience than the normal posts without any hashtags. So hashtags should be used without any fail or doubt. The things that should be kept in mind while using the hashtags is that:

It should be relevant: It should be in tune with the niche of the business or targeted audience. You cannot use animal fur product with PETA supported hashtags.

It should be popular: The post should have 3-5 popular hashtags related to the niche as well as common popular hashtags that are tangible with any niche like #love #instagood #tbt etc.

It should be exclusive: To create a popular and formidable brand or profile, you should invent hashtags that are exclusive to your profile, brand or image. This should represent only you and it should be alias of your brand, profile and image.

Share Regularly:

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Social media is all about being present everywhere and every time. On social media out of site is out of mind. So be you own PR agent and share your posts and feed regularly and at apt groups and sites. Every popular posts, account and influencers posts should have your comments and feedback. You should project yourself as an important figure of your niche.

Organize Contest And Give Gifts And Coupons:

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Humans like to be challenged and they love gifts and rewards. This is a global human tendency. So to attract more and more audiences to your profile and posts and to increase the likes on your posts, you should also indulge in these populist strategies. Organize some contest like ‘caption giving contest’ with most interesting captions getting some prizes. This would get tons of likes on your pictures. You can organize some quiz as to which of the two pictures is more beautiful or can also provide gifts and free coupons to first 50 or 100 people who like the post or pictures on your feed first.

Buy Instagram Likes:

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If everything above fails which is very much unlikely, or you want a quick solution then you can always buy instagram followers or buy instagram likes. Though this method is highly controversial and debated, yet works all the time. Many well know influencers and celebrities secretly indulge in these type of practices and reap benefit from this. When you buy instagram likes you make your post look credible and attractive. People are drawn towards the post to see what is so special about the post and 60-70% of them end up liking the photo or post themselves. This creates an inflow of organic traffic and potential instagram followers and likes.


Getting instagram likes is a seemingly difficult yet practically easy process. So if you are determined to get likes on your posts, you can follow the above said points and easily gain followers. Getting maximum likes on your pictures or likes is always fulfilling and rewarding (for influencers and business owners) experience. So let no negative though bother you on this and be the master of your own destiny.

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