How To Use Instagram For Business In 5 Simple Ways?

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Instagram For Business

Instagram is the global social media rage that is growing at a startling rate. With over 1 billion users overall and 500 million users’ active daily, this social media giant is something to look out for. Stats don’t lie and the most captivating stat is that on instagram the like button is hit 4.2 billion times daily. Which itself shows the amazing reach and popularity it has globally. Such amazing figures are a high potential market for business. This is the reason of sudden shift of advertisers and marketers from traditional promotional mediums to Instagram to sell and market their goods and services. In this blog we would be discussing on how to use instagram for business promotion and profit generation, without using the negative and costly methods like buy instagram followers or buy instagram likes.

Instagram provides an excellent selling and marketing platform to business entities all around the planet. Instagram has taken over Facebook in any major parameters at almost all social media marketing niches. Hence Instagram has become the number one choice for every major as well as minor brands. Instagram if used correctly and smartly can make any business to reach the zenith of commercial success, in a very short period of time. So here are the 5 simple yet powerful ways through which you can build a successful and highly profitable business.

1. Quality Images Are The Key:

Images posted on Instagram have a real impact on your posts and promotions. While images that are crystal clear and of great quality are engaged, liked and commented more, the images that are of low quality and hazy output are ignored and very poorly engaged by the users on instagram. Here are some very important impacts that the images can have and same can be used to increase the brand’s image and improve business:

Use images with single dominant hue:

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Recent research and stats shows that the posts that have images with single dominant hue in them give the best user engagement and get most likes. So if posting the pictures or posts of your brand, always keep in mind this factor and use it accordingly when editing.

Use images with high texture and low saturation:

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All the business which are successful on Instagram with high engagement profit rates have one thing in common. Almost everyone uses high textured images for their posts and pictures. Stats shows that post images that have high textured images receive 80% more user likes than the images with low textures images. Also the saturation level in the picture should be low and high saturated pictures are less popular and generate lesser likes.

Use images with more background space:

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One mistake that the rookie business profiles do is to post pictures on posts that have little or no background space. Research shows that the pictures with background space of white or black can get a deciding 30% increase in likes on the posts.

Bleed blue:

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Smart use of certain colors can also be a deciding factor in the popularity of a post. It is an established fact now that the color blue is a dominant factor in making an image on Instagram popular. Instagram pictures which have blue as their dominant color tend to get most likes. While the pictures which have red as the dominant color get lesser likes.

2. Hashtags Can Do Wonders:

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Hashtags are a very important and integral part of the social media platforms. Instagram being no exception, is infact the most beneficial partner of the hashtag magic. Seven in ten hashtags are brand specific and play an important part in brand promotion and reach. Hashtags helps any post to reach to a very wide range of audiences and if used correctly can increase the brands and companies image to a very large extent. It is found that hashtags that have a word range of 11 are the most effective and the longer the hashtag the greater its effect. For a business’s promotion it is better to use some popular hashtags of the niche and to create unique brand specific hashtags that are exclusive to the brand.

3. Instagram Stories Are Effective Tools For Promotion:

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The power and potential of the Instagram stories can be guessed form the fact that, all the big advertisement agencies and brands now spend most of their budget on Instagram stories. Since its introduction to Instagram, Instagram stories have been a huge hit. The numbers state that there are 400 million users worldwide who watch Instagram stories daily. The effect can be imagined. The best thing about using a instagram story in business promotions is that instagram stories increase the purchase notion, message reach and have a great recall rate.

4. Instagram Ads and Instagram Story Ads Have Massive Impact:

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As much as 30% of the Instagram sales is contributed to the Instagram ads. Instagram has developed a very accurate and demographic specific ad program. Which not only helps the business entity or brand to reach the correct audience but also determines the age and niche choices of the users and delivers accordingly. Research shows that the posts promoted through instagram ads get three times more traffic than the regular posts for a normal profile. If you are a late bloomer or suffer from a low followers count or low engagement count, instagram ads are a great way to boost the popularity and sales.

5. Building Brand and Customer Relationship Through Organic Marketing:

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Instagram has a 24% more engagement rate than the facebook and other social media counterparts. It is also a astonishing fact that out of all social media platforms 70% of users look up to Instagram for brand recognition. Out of 1 billion users 80% of the users follow one brand or the other on instagram. So instagram is the best place to promote and enhance brand image. Organic marketing is the process of getting customers to your profile, with due time rather than maneuvering then through paid options like buy Instagram followers and buy Instagram likes. If you have a decent profile and follow the above said options, you would automatically harvest goodwill that would convert to organic traffic. The Strong and quality content and great posts can generate huge amounts of organic traffic, which is long lasting and loyal to your brand in the long run.


Instagram is an apt place for promoting and developing your business. If you really want your business to flourish and reap profits then you must try these simple yet effective strategies mentioned in the blog. This is the time of social media and the future too belongs to the same. Business and brands that understand the tides of time are the ones which would survive and grow. So take advantage of the opportunity bestowed on you and become a global business leader through Instagram. Because it is now or never.

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