Is ‘Buy Instagram Followers’ Good Or Bad For Instagram Marketing?

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Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram is a billion user strong marketer’s heaven. Everyone wants to take their share from this dollar minting machine. Buy Instagram followers is one the many tools invented, in the process of this mad rush for money. In a world where everything revolves around profit and desire for positive outcome, people tend to choose the easy and more effective ways. When the results are outstanding and bear literally no legal ramifications people tend to ignore the warning signs and negative notion around the methods. So the question that to buy instagram followers is a bad or right move in terms of Instagram marketing is concerned, we should first see the good and bad of both the points.

Why Is Buying Instagram Followers Bad For Instagram Marketing?

Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram is a fastest growing social media giant which has around 1 billion and counting members to its credit. This clearly means that instagram has a very robust and highly efficient control and regulatory team to its kitty. Whenever you have a fake or bot followers or likes, these algorithms catch and identify the same. When this happens it is sure to either push your profile to gallows or to permanently suspend the account. In either case it is doom for your instagram business dreams. If you have brought the followers from an authentic or genuine site, and they have provided you with true and active followers then it is fine. As the followers attained thus are active and have their own following, further they engage in your posts and like and even comment to your posts. This does not arouse suspicion in the bots. But followers brought from and fake and dubious site can:

  • Ban your profile
  • Decrease your organic followers count
  • Dent your brand image
  • Can open your profile to dangerous elements
  • Decrease your creative mindset

Why Is Buying Instagram Followers Good For Instagram Marketing?

Why Is Buying Instagram Followers

The reality is that today the business to buy Instagram followers and likes is flourishing and thriving like never before. This key word and related keywords have millions of daily hit on them. This itself is the proof that the concept of buy instagram followers is highly popular and sort after. Almost all the well-known influencers and Instagram celebrities are doing it and benefiting from it. This whole concept if applied smartly can turn out to be a very effective Instagram marketing strategy. The only thing that needs to be taken care is the site from which the purchase of followers is done.

There are many verified and approved sites which provide instagram followers at a very cheap and affordable rates like, (for twitter), and So if you buy instagram followers from these sites and be creative and authoritative in your niche you can reap very good profit margins. This practice is said to be good because:

  • Creates a bandwagon effect
  • Attracts organic niche traffic
  • Makes instagram account credible
  • Takes you ahead of the competition
  • Marks your presence in the niche
  • Boosts your posts

Buy Instagram Followers Cheap


Like every other marketing concept the concept of buy instagram followers has its plus and minuses. It is all about being proactive and acting smartly. Like it is said that everything is fare in love and war, this too is a marketing strategy which works for some and backfires for some. But after all said and done these are all but tools which can help you in the battle, the real battle to best instagram marketing is the quality of your products and services and the supreme content of your posts. If that part is not rendered to correctly every marketing strategy would fail and bring only doom and disaster. So be your best and give your best.

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