What Can Make Or Break Your Instagram Business?

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What Can Make Or Break Your Instagram Business

Instagram is a place where you find 1 billion people joined together. It is a huge marketing and selling opportunity of the modern times. Billions of deals happen in seconds on this app. Many previously unknown and smaller brands have grown into huge global business magnate due to right marketing and promotions on Instagram. But there are also numerous examples of business bearing huge losses in terms of money and enormous dent on their brand image. So there are certain common factors which when implemented can go either ways, that is can bring enormous growth to your business or can completely put your company in a downwards spiral.

So in this blog we would be discussing about certain concepts which are used secretly yet widely by the influencer, celebrity and commercial sectors, to promote and increase their reach in terms of followers and likes.

Buy Instagram Followers:

Since the time when Instagram turned into a money minting application, and people with massive following started getting paid, this term came into existence. The Instagram became an ideal place for advertisers and brand promoters to promote their products and services, and they were looking for individuals who had a very high influence on a particular niche, who could endorse their brand. These companies paid well and hence the influencer marketing program was a great buck earner. This attracted a very large populace towards becoming influencer.

As the whole crux of the influencer marketing was depended on the count of followers one possess, the whole focus shifted towards increasing the count of followers. People in desperation to add followers and influencers and celebrities in desperation to get more followers, sought to buy instagram followers. They found it as a quick fix to the followers’ problem. But like everything else this also carried a positive as well as negative impact. We would discuss both:

Buy Instagram Followers

Pros Of Buy Instagram Followers:

When you buy instagram followers from a genuine and professional site, you get real and active followers, according to your specification and necessity. These followers have a very positive and enhancing impact on your instagram profile and Instagram brand. It can benefit the instagram account in the below listed ways:

  • Makes your account look credible
  • Makes your account look interesting and professional
  • Creates curiosity in to the profile
  • Attracts organic traffic
  • Puts you way ahead of your competition
  • Creates Bandwagon effect
  • Creates niche authority
  • Promotes your posts and pictures

Cons Of Buy Instagram Followers:

When you buy Instagram followers from a dubious and fake sites, either you can lose your hard earned money or worse you can get your instagram account suspended. This can ruin your instagram profile in below listed ways:

  • Bot and fake followers can get your account suspended
  • All followers and no activity makes your account look suspicious
  • High chance of user bounce back
  • Makes you venerable to fraud and online thefts
  • Can result in online abuse
  • Have the possibility of criminal accounts following you

Buy Instagram Likes:

Like buy instagram followers this too has a huge online market and there are hundreds of sites providing this product. The instagram advertisers see the like’s option as the ultimate litmus test to the popularity of the posts and decide on the payment to the influencer accordingly. For example if you have a million followers but your posts are only getting likes in a few hundred then, this shows a great disparity. So getting likes is equally or to be more specific more important than getting followers. This factor created a huge demand for instagram likes, and so influencers, celebrates and instagram business, entities looked out ways to increase their likes. Many sites sprung up to fulfill this demand and thus the concept of buy instagram likes came into existence. Now this concept too has pros and cons and we would be discussing about the same.

Buy Instagram Likes

Pros Of Buy Instagram Likes:

Any instagram post’s popularity can be decided directly by the number of likes it got. The brands and advertisers also need more likes to promote their brands and services. So when you buy instagram likes from a professional and genuine site you get positive results likes:

  • Increased post activity
  • Increased post reach
  • Increased organic likes
  • Positive publicity for the post
  • Increased credibility of the post
  • Edge over the peers
  • Niche authority

Cons Of Buy Instagram Likes:

Like buying instagram followers buying instagram likes too has its fair share of cons. When you buy likes from dubious and unscrupulous sites, you put your instagram account in grave danger, the effect can be quite devastating and can be explained in the following:

  • Account can get banned
  • Getting likes from criminals and fraudsters
  • Can create suspicion
  • Bot and fake likes can results in negative SERP
  • Account can be spammed

There are many other options like buy instagram comments, buy instagram story views, buy instagram impressions etc. Which can more or less have the same positive and negative effect on your instagram profile. So it is better to calculate the risk apatite that you can take and plan accordingly. There are many top notch influencers and celebrities that are using these practices and are doing well. But again this is a 100% black hat method. If not dealt with caution can do harm than benefit. So whatever you do, do with caution and opt always to grow your followers’ base with organic and white hat methods. Shortcuts may give you a temporary lead against the adversary, but in the long run it is only your talent, handwork and approach towards instagram can grant you enduring success.

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